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Urban White specializes in providing cleaning and turnover services to Airbnb hosts and vacation rental/ short-term rental operators. 

We understand that each house is different and we tailor each clean to encompass thew needs of the house and the specific requests of the client.


Fully insured with excellent references. In order to become a client of Urban White we have a specific set of 'Owner Obligations'. This is to protect our staff from burn-out and also make sure we are always providing you with a consistently excellent service. Please read our Owner obligation checklist here.


Service includes:

  • General cleaning & deep cleaning on request.

  • General window cleaning.

  • Change of linens.

  • Vacuuming & mopping.

  • Appliance cleaning.

  • Laundry of linens on site or off site.*

  • Trash removal.*

Some of the different TYPEs of cleans we do are as follows:

  • Turnover Cleaning

  • Mid-stay Cleaning

  • Light Cleaning

  • Touch-up Cleaning

  • Deep Cleaning

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