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In order to allow us to provide our best cleaning and turnover services, Client must agree to:

  • Check in time no earlier than 4pm.

  • No same day turns (for emergencies we charge double the rate for a same day turn).

  • Sign up for Trash collection services as part of turnover cleans and agrees to automatic charges for pick-ups through The Hasty Waste Company.

  • Leave appropriate trash bins (with liners) for trash disposal & Collection.

  • Have linens taken off site for professional laundering.

  • Have at least TWO FULL SETS of linens for each bed in the property and at least one spare comforter in the house for each size of bed.

  • Provide enough towels for TWO sets, as per the maximum occupancy of the property.

  • Have a key code/keypad entry on the house and owners’ closet, so that our team does not have to carry keys around.

  • Agrees to a Deep Cleaning every spring and fall (or as needed) which will be billed to your invoice in the month it is completed.

  • Provide us with complete, accurate and timely information about the Property, the Guest and other information reasonably requested by us or which you consider relevant for provision of the relevant services.

  • Provide is with the iCal’s for all online booking platforms for use solely in our scheduling software.

  • Ensure the property is safe to access and in a condition that’s safe for our team members to perform our services in.

  • Pay our rates, fees and costs within 14 days of receiving our invoice.

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